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Old L2 Client for MasterWork cannot be downloaded from the website.
Suitable Grand Crusade game client could be downloaded on other available websites.

To connect to MasterWork download Updater.
The Updater is not a client, but its own software development, which corrects the files of any outdated Grand Crusade clients.

MasterWork 2021 Updater

Files for the new server here.
Server Start: November 12, 2021.
Open Test: November 01 - November 11.


Reserve Updater

If you have problems - try this one


Как еще зайти на сервер?

Just 2 clicks to connect using Telegram Bot which is already available and helps you download files

Telegram Bot

The information below will ensure you a comfortable game❗️

Question: Is the Grand Crusade client suitable for playing?

Yes, but it will take longer to update a client downloaded from another source. If you want it to be functional, you should delete the system folder and then press "Full Check".

Question: Will the client of earlier chronicles (eg High Five, Gracia Final, Interlude) suitable for the game?

No, errors in the display of items, skills, locations, and other items will occur for 100%